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About Us - If you came to this page expecting a 404, I can feel your pain! now read on..

TAFN, aka The Allied Forces Network is a network of gaming fan sites covering niche gaming titles and targeting it's gamers. All of our websites are official fan sites for these respective games. We aim to provide full non-technical/creative support for the same through our website front end and forums alike. More websites will be added in the near future. Promising gamers that niche genres will stay novel forever, TAFN will deliver the content and support it's community for as long as there are connoisseurs and fans of these games.

TAF was a single page blogsite of sorts back in 1997 reporting on Commandos.BEL. With the help of the community, it went from a single page blog to a multipage community to serve the next generation of strategy gamers. We are on Stage 5 of our revamp! And you haven't seen nothing yet ;)

Read on if you have the perseverance to survive lectures on website history.

The first version of TAF (The "N" in Network, introduced after the induction into GamersPulse Hosting), was launched in October 1999. It was a simple frames version. No hard-coding, just plain Commandos Blog.

The second version was a jump from the frames to a template based Non-Frames version. This was the time when introduced us in their hosting program. TAF was named TAFN (justified above). The site was popular and the new forums were the catch of the eye for all commands fans.

TAFN was redesigned once again to fit new trends and styles then. This design is by far the longest retained style. It lasted for about 1.5 years.

Our last design (which was taken out of rotation on 25/11/05) saw TAFN boom into a network of many fansites.

We are continuing the same legacy with our newest design and state of the art CMS. The bottom line here at TAFN, We support communities, we build friendships for life ! Thanking all those who contributed in all their relative ways. We exist because gamers have passion and faith in what we do! You, our viewers are our life force.

The Future of TAFN - Finally some optimism!

We don't know about what the future is going to hold for us as a team and the site as a whole. But what we need is your co-operation throughout our journey. We are a platform, so if you have got anything to exhibit, feel free to contact us. We are in search of novel ideas and programs that help make the community a better place. Some of our plans for the future include Developer interaction and Community awards. It's deliberative at this stage though. Trusting in the talents of the team and community members we hope to cater the biggest war-gaming/strategy community ever.

yes, that was all, if you want to know more, and if I oblige, remind me to get us both checked at a psychiatric therapy center.

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